alfred24 concierge - Receive parcels, food takeaways, chilled groceries- contactless

January 10, 2022

During the pandemic, receiving packages and deliveries has become a routine.

It’s true: online shopping is convenient. But home delivery isn’t.

Traditional logistics is more expensive than self-pickup. More chaotic and a greater impact on the environment. To make things worse, the number of missed deliveries is dramatically increasing.

But wait. There is a new solution.

Introducing, alfred24 concierge.

The smart lockers solution that is going to make your daily life smarter and easier.

You have experienced (at least) one of these home delivery issues

- No package sign-off service provided, or no proper system to record all package information

- Residents often find it inconvenient to collect packages at home

- Couriers go up and down the building

- The lobby is full of packages and takeaways

If you face any of these stumbling blocks, alfred24 concierge is here to help.

We have unlocked the tremendous potential of a smarter, greener and more convenient home delivery system.

No more chaos. No more missed deliveries. No more wastes of time.

Here is how we redefined logistics solutions, introducing the contactless alfred24 concierge.

alfred24 concierge makes home delivery smarter than ever

alfred24 concierge is an all-in-one smart locker that integrates different lifestyle services to help you solve the troubles of receiving goods.

We built a personal assistant that will do the work for you. This means huge time saving, both for you and for the couriers.

alfred24 concierge can be installed at your building to collect and manage all packages in one place. Whether you shop online from places like Amazon or Instagram shop or HKTVmall, any shipment can be delivered to your personal alfred24 concierge smart locker!

Lockers come in variety of specifications to handle all your delivery requirements.

alfred24 concierge is the first residential smart locker for groceries

Groceries delivered direct to your building, while your at work!

Purchases online are delivered direct to your refrigerated alfred24 concierge locker, preserving hygiene and the quality of the food.

We’re taking click-and-collect grocery shopping to the next level!

Any time, any place!

With alfred24 concierge, online grocery shopping is finally possible in a contactless, fast and efficient way.

Click here to install your alfred24 concierge in your lobby today!

Your laundry delivered to your lobby, collect it as you come back home

We want to make it clear.

alfred24 concierge is the most adaptable smart locker network that you can have in your building.

Now you can finally have your laundry delivered at home without the risk of missing the courier's ring or interrupting your daily tasks.

Shirts, suits, dresses. Our lockers fit you exactly as your clothes do.

Learn more about the multiple size choices you can opt for.

Your takeaways are downstairs, collect your delivery contactless

You are working late  but you want your favorite sushi for dinner? You can easily order your food and find it there in your personal alfred24 concierge waiting for you as soon as you get back home.

Our residential smart locker system allows you to take your time when your takeaway rings at your doorbell.

No more missed deliveries. Have you ever thought of how cool it would be if your offices had alfred24 concierge smart lockers?

Your parcels delivered just where you are

Everything you want, exactly where you are. Collected by your personal concierge.

Your office or your building will never miss again a home delivery thanks to alfred24 residential smart lockers network.

You can purchase anything you want from your favorite store and be notified once it’s there.

Simply collect it at your leisure.

alfred24 concierge welcomes all couriers.

What are you waiting for? Click here to install your alfred24 concierge at your favorite place!

Unlock the infinite potential of alfred24 concierge

We are making it real.

A smarter, greener and easier way to ship and collect is finally possible. Now it can be yours at your favorite place.

The potential of alfred24 concierge is ready to be unlocked. Not only you can receive any kind of delivery, but you can also do returns.

Time, effort and carbon saved.

Give your house or office a more functional resource that you, your family or your teammates can benefit from.

Enjoy a hassle-free service from as low as HK$5 per household per month.
Install today the most convenient residential smart locker system in your lobby!

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