alfred24's newest service: Hongkong Post self-pickup solution

Great news! Now you can also deliver to Hongkong Post's locations with alfred24. Whether you are already our existing users, or haven't signed up to our service, you are all welcome to join us!

alfred24 connected with iPostal Station as pickup points


  1. 400+ pickup points all over Hong Kong, including 200 iPostal Stations and post offices
  2. All-in-one portal to manage all orders
  3. Only $20/ order, includes 5kg
200iPostal Station pickup points


When you drop off at our warehouse



When we pickup from you



Service details

iPostal Station redemption period: 48 hours
Post office redemption period: 7 working days
Lead time: T+ 3-4
Compensation per parcel: $320
Change location or redelivery: Will be treated as a new order

Size limitation

iPostal Station size and weight limitation: 17 x 33 x 42cm (5kg)
Parcel Size Limitation
  • There will be additional processing time if the parcel is oversized.
  • You may retrieve the oversized parcel from the warehouse, or we can return the parcel to you for HK$20, or charge as a new order and change to other pickup points.
Post office size and weight limitation: Sum of length, width and height ≤ 120cm

Sum of length, width and height ≤ 105 cm,
will be treated as ONE order


105 cm < Sum of length, width and height ≤ 120,
will be treated as TWO orders

* A single side cannot > 50cm
* Parcels with the sum of length, width and height > 120cm will not be processed

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If you have any problems, please WhatsApp our customer service.